As it is the start of the second selection for the Library Bizarre, four books are up for the vote for being read. The books are as follows:

Clash of Star-Kings by Avram Davidson / Danger from Vega by John Rackham

The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley

Dramocles by Robert Sheckley

The Unicorn Dancer by R.A.V. Salsitz

Voting will end on 11/01/17. Be sure to vote before then and remember, if your selection isn’t picked it’ll be one of three to vote for next time; they’ll all get read eventually.

As a note, Clash of Star-Kings / Danger from Vega are two stories in a single book and as such, they will be reviewed together.

Click here to cast your vote! (Voting closed)

Click here to see the front and back covers of each book

Let the voting commence!




One thought on “Vote for the fifth book to be read

  1. I really liked the Blue Sword because it deals a lot with the culture of the planet. (Another book like that is Jaran by Kate Elliot.) If I remember correctly, the protagonist is from a colonizing people (imagine Great Britain and India) and becomes involved with the planetary people.


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